Food Containers

Food Containers

 Simple and elegant, our honey container, sugar and spice boxes will enhance any table.

Product Name: Spice Box Midi with LidProducts Name: Spice Box Large with Lid
Product Code: SBMLProducts Code: SPLL
Material: WalnutMaterial: Walnut
Dimensions (mm): Ø70×130Dimensions (mm): Ø80×140
MOQ (pcs): 10MOQ (pcs): 10

Product Name: Honey ContainerProduct Name: Bee Sugar Box with Lid
Product Code: HNCNProduct Code: BSBL
Material: ChestnutMaterial: Chestnut
Dimensions (mm): Ø115×160Dimensions (mm): Ø125×130
MOQ (pcs): 10MOQ (pcs): 10

Product Name: Sugar Box with LidProduct Name: Rustic Spice Box with Lid
Product Code: SGWLProduct Code: RSBL
Material: ChestnutMaterial: Walnut
Dimensions (mm): Ø135×110Dimensions (mm): Ø80x70
MOQ (pcs): 10MOQ (pcs): 10

Product Name: Mortar and Pestle MidiProduct Name: Mortar and Pestle Large
Product Code: MAPMProduct Code: MAPL
Material: AcaciaMaterial: Acacia
Dimensions (mm): Ø110x100Dimensions (mm): Ø170x120
MOQ (pcs): 10MOQ (pcs): 10

Product Name: Rustic Mortar and Pestle
Product Code: RMAP
Material: Walnut
Dimensions (mm): Ø75x90
MOQ (pcs): 10