Our napkin holders, ashtrays, knives, forks, salt and pepper shakers will enhance the image of the dining tables, countertops and buffet tables.

Product Name: Large Salt & Pepper ShakerProduct Name: Midi Salt & Pepper Shaker
Product Code: LSPSProduct Code: MSPS
Material: MapleMaterial: Olive
Dimensions (mm): Ø50×140*Dimensions (mm): Ø55×100*
MOQ (pcs): 10MOQ (pcs): 10

Product Name: Salt & Pepper GrinderProduct NameEngraved Napkin Holder
Product Code: SPGRProduct CodeENNH
Material: OliveMaterialWalnut
Dimensions (mm): Ø50×165Dimensions (mm)165x165x100
MOQ (pcs): 10MOQ (pcs)5

Product Name: Napkin HolderProduct NameAshtray
Product Code: NAHLProduct CodeASHT
Material: BeechMaterialWalnut
Dimensions (mm): 180x180x80Dimensions (mm)Ø140×45
MOQ (pcs): 5MOQ (pcs)10

Product NameWood Cheese Knife LargeProduct Name: Wood Cheese Knife
Product CodeWDKLProduct Code: WDCK
MaterialBoxwoodMaterial: Walnut
Dimensions (mm)20x35x275Dimensions (mm): 20x30x270
MOQ (pcs)20MOQ (pcs): 20

Product NameWood Cheese ForkProduct Name: Wood Cheese Fork Midi
Product CodeWDCFProduct Code: WDFM
MaterialWalnutMaterial: Boxwood
Dimensions (mm)8x35x210Dimensions (mm): 8x30x185
MOQ (pcs)20MOQ (pcs): 20

*  for one piece