Harmony Round Lid Small


As a trustworthy and modern manufacturer of quality products, we make it a priority to evolve and grow in order to provide the world with proper standards of safety and hygiene. Aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, our acrylic buffet display unit lids help ensure cleanliness while providing an unobstructed presentation of your products.
Product Code : HRLM
Dimensions : Ø250×120
MOQ : 10

Product Care

We want you to be confident in your purchase and gain the utmost longevity and value from your Arslan Wood Designs products. The following guidelines can significantly increase permanence in use and ensure the continued enjoyment of your product. However, should you have any further questions, please contact us directly.

Acrylic products are dishwasher safe.

For pieces too large for the dishwasher, mild cleaning detergents or simply light soap can be applied to the product or a clean, damp cloth, and all surfaces wiped down gently with each use.

Take care not to use abrasive or industrial cleaning agents or implements, as this can cause unnecessary erosion and scratching of the surface.

Direct sunlight can be harmful for your item if continually exposed. Storage in a cool, dark area is ideal.