Skillet pan


As we continue our quest to fulfill the diverse requirements of the catering and hospitality industries, we became motivated to expand from solely wood products and began to venture into other materials, such as our new quality metalwares. Manufactured utilizing tested and proven practices in the field, you can count on our metalware products to possess a long-lasting standard of excellence.
Product Code : SKPA
Dimensions : Ø200/260/320
MOQ : 10

Product Care

We want you to be confident in your purchase and gain the utmost longevity and value from your Arslan Wood Designs products. The following guidelines can significantly increase permanence in use and ensure the continued enjoyment of your product. However, should you have any further questions, please contact us directly.

Mild cleaning detergents or simply light soap can be applied to the product or a clean, damp cloth, and all surfaces wiped down gently with each use. Take care not to use abrasive or industrial cleaning agents or implements, as this can cause unnecessary erosion and scratching of the surface.

 Allow your newly cleaned product to air-dry sufficiently before storage. Excessive moisture can have harmful effects on the materials. Direct sunlight can be harmful for your item if continually exposed. Storage in a cool, dark area is ideal.

 The wood part of the products present in a majority of our products can dry out in time or with extensive use, so occasional application of vegetable oil or food-safe wood treatment oil will help to preserve the original natural appearance and prolong the life of the product. Generally, it’s helpful to apply these types of oils regularly. Over a reasonable period of time, depending on the level of usage, you should expect the product’s surface to show a level of weathering due to the organic nature of wood.